Intercon F: Tales of the Fantastic

Intercon F News

Intercon F is only days away!

Intercon F has seen Fenomenal growth over the past Few months. At this point, we're the largest New England Intercon so Far! But there's always room for more, so encourage your Friends and Family to sign up.

At this time many games have Filled. That's not to say there aren't spots open! We have room in every time slot. The website is closed to signups at this point, but you can sign up for open slots at the Ops desk during the con itself.

We would also encourage everyone to signup for your Hotel rooms sooner, rather than later. Don't Forget to mention the Intercon promotional code when reserving. The more rooms we can reserve in our name, the better!

Want to learn what goes into running an Intercon? Old pro at it and want to give us the benefit of your experience? Looking for ways to get involved with the LARP community on a new level? Intercon F wants you! Volunteers always welcome.

There's still openings in all these great games!